Ways to Get Involved with ILS


We love to receive input from students to ensure that we are catering to everyone in the BU Law community. Please get in touch with our Executive VP, Jackie Tayabji. There are a number of concrete ways you can get involved, including:

  • Co-organizing an event with ILS if you have a professor, attorney or speaker you would like to invite to BU
  • Run for an ILS executive board position
  • Sign up for our emails so you know when all of our events are taking place

Alumni, Law Firms & Organizations

Strengthening our relationships with alumni, law firms and organizations is a strategic priority for ILS because of the crucial contributions they make to our work and to international law at BU more broadly. Please get in touch with our VP of External Relations, Joe Dorsey. There are a number of concrete ways you can get involved, including:

Speak at BU Law

If your travels take you to the Northeast U.S., it would be great to have you speak to a group of students about the work you do related to international law. BU Law has had a number of very successful talks and informal brown bag lunches, including with alumni, and such access to professionals is very helpful for students interested in careers in international law.

Provide Career Advice and Mentoring

Would you be willing to be a contact for students interested in working at your organization who are seeking informational interviews or summer positions? We are also considering creating an alumni mentoring program in the future.

Partner with ILS to Recruit Summer Interns and Full-Time Employees:

ILS is willing to work with you to recruit and identify promising candidates from our membership.

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch and join us on Facebook to help build an online network for students, alumni, and professionals and sign up for our email newsletter by emailing internatlawbu@gmail.com.