Boston University School of Law's

International Law Society


Boston University's International Law Society (ILS) is dedicated to broadening student awareness and understanding of international law, both private and public. In an increasingly globalized world, it is critical to equip lawyers in all practice areas with the skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for their clients.

What BU's International Law Society Does

  • Organize and support events for students to learn more about international legal practice areas

  • Connect students to faculty & resources that can assist career development in international law

  • Support guest lecturers and panelists to discuss timely global issues.

BU's ILS events provide our membership with opportunities to hear from engaging scholars, receive eye-opening career advising, network with professionals, and connect with other ILS members.

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BU's ILS publishes a monthly newsletter to feature a professional in the international law field and highlight other international law events.

Learn more about how you can get involved with ILS at Boston University in the upcoming year.

Executive Board (2022-2023)

President: Abbey Rooney West

Executive VP: Marco DiLeonardo

VP of Networking: Bidushi Adhikari

VP of Communication: Minas Rasoulis

VP of Finance: Karen Hunt

VP of Public Relations: Nancy Giesel

Faculty Advisor

Professor Daniela Caruso

1L & LLM Representatives (2022-2023)

Section A: Michael St. Germain

Section B: Victor Lobo

Section C: Mike Brune

LLM: Maelle Rossi